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Trampoline Accessories in Australia

Besides designing what we think are the best trampolines in Australia, we’ve also come up with an awesome range of toys and accessories. Our fun trampoline toys and games will keep your young ones entertained for hours. Check out our full collection of trampoline accessories to ensure your child has safe fun all summer long.

Trampoline Toys and Games

Our range of accessories for trampolines are built to encourage your kids to stay active outdoors. The PROJAM™ is one of our most popular trampoline accessories for sale. This basketball hoop and backboard attaches to the safety net of your trampoline. It’s the ultimate trampoline toy for anyone who loves to shoot hoops.

Take your skateboarding and snowboarding tricks to the next level by practicing on a trampoline. The

FLEXBOARD™ offers a safe way to perfect your skills and techniques. The lightweight design of our trampoline board makes it easy to get maximum height while jumping, giving you time to land safely.

The AQUAJET™ is perfect for those hot summer days outside. Attach the jet to your trampoline, turn on your hose, and start spraying! This fun trampoline accessory will cool you off after a long day of jumping, twirling and spinning.

Trampoline Attachments & Extras

Jumpflex produces quality extra equipment to prevent damage to your trampoline and keep users as safe as possible.

When bouncing outside, your kids will need protection from the sun. A SMARTSHADE™ is one of our must-have trampoline extras. This shade will help keep the sun off small children, with a height suitable for children up to approximately 8 years old.

If you live in a windy area, make sure to pick up our 4-piece trampoline ANCHORKIT™. An anchoring peg kit helps to secure your tramp to the ground against high winds. It’s the most effective way to prevent your Jumpflex trampoline from being lifted by the wind and getting damaged.