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What's more fun than a Sprinkler?

A sprinkler on a trampoline! Shower down cool drops of fun with this awesome trampoline accessory!


  • Easily attaches to your garden hose
  • Designed specifically to attach to your Jumpflex® trampoline
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • 180 Degree adjustable head so you can change the water direction
  • Multiple spray function with 6 different spray settings including mist and jet spray settings

The Jumpflex® AQUAJET™ is compatible only with Jumpflex® trampolines.

Note: The AQUAJET™ functions best with low water pressure.

A whole new level of fun

For those hot summer days, nothing beats playing with water!

There are so many fun trampoline games that are made even better with water! With your AQUAJET™, you can spray the whole trampoline, or kids can dodge a solid stream while bouncing from one side of the trampoline to the other.

For an extra layer of fun, add water balloons, bubbles and balls! There's nothing like an aussie water balloon fight! Kids will have hours of fun slipping and sliding around their Jumpflex® trampoline.

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Beat the heat this Summer!

The sun in Australia can be harsh and strong, so it's important to be sun smart and keep cool!

A great way to cool your little ones down is to add our AQUAJET™ to your trampoline! Kids will love bouncing around in their cossies!

The AQUAJET™ also helps to keep the trampoline mat cool too, which can heat up in warmer weather. It's a great way to ensure kids can enjoy their trampoline anytime!

If the little ones don't want to get wet, the AQUAJET™ water sprinkler can be positioned to the side or simply use the mist setting.

The SMARTSHADE™ can be combined with our AQUAJET™, to provide essential sun protection.

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