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Perfect your tricks

Maximise the fun with our trampoline bounce board! Learn how to do awesome trips and flips and discover a new way to use your trampoline.


  • Soft and flexible board, made of EVA foam
  • Attaches securely to your foot or shoe with velcro straps
  • Board size: 84cm (L) and 30cm (W)
  • Board weight: 1.4kg
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and high quality
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

Recommended for kids aged 6 years and over.

The Jumpflex® FLEXBOARD™ is compatible only with Jumpflex® trampolines.

Twists and turns

Kids can learn how to safely do all sorts of tricks and flips on their Jumpflex® trampoline. They can impress their friends with lots of cool tricks such as grabs, ollies, 180s and more!

The FLEXBOARD™ is perfect for anyone interested in skate, snow, wake and surf sports! Kids can use the trampoline bounce board to keep fit in the off season and practice nailing those landings.

The boards are also a great form of exercise, using a range of different muscles, it's a great energy burner and will tire out your kids in no time!

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A board to flex with you

We built our FLEXBOARD™ to last, using high quality materials.

We used high density EVA foam so it is flexible yet resilient to stretching or breaking.

With secure velcro bindings and heavy duty webbing straps, kids can adjust for their foot size and attach to their foot or shoe to the board securely for a solid attachment.

The lightweight FLEXBOARD™ design allows kids to easily bounce to get maximum height.

Best of all the FLEXBOARD™ is soft enough so that it will bend and flex with you, so don't hesitate to attempt those big air twists on your Jumpflex® Trampoline.

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