Kick off those shoes: Benefits of going barefoot

April 05, 2018

We live in a very modern society, so modern in fact that our shoes actually change the physical form of our feet over time into weaker and less practical feet. 

Our ancient ancestors were familiar with nature, the environment, the elements and walking barefoot. 

Walking barefoot was and still is one of the most primal instincts for mankind. Simply walking on the earth, whatever element that may be is part of human nature. We’ve evolved into weak feet that could once climb rocks, rubble, dirt, sticks, thorns and more into having the nice cushion at our soles.

So why get back to nature and Kick off those shoes

Greater balance.

By feeling the ground, people begin waking up the vestibular system (balance system) of the brain, stimulating new neural connections and remapping their minds for greater balance. For seniors this is critical, because one fall or hip fracture can lead to a gradual decline in health.

Kids get healthier

With childhood diabetes and obesity, kids health is at an all-time low. And health begins with the feet. If you have strong feet you can walk, run, bike and more. But with weak painful feet, there’s no desire to exercise. The American Podiatric Medical Association now recommends keeping kids out of shoes for as long as possible, because they know shoes weaken and deform the feet. Keep them out of shoes and kids stay healthy. Not only that, but the act of feeling the ground strengthens their senses and helps remap the brain.

Increased immunity

Stimulation of the nervous system while walking barefoot helps in improving one’s immunity. We have noticed that kids love to play and move around barefooted. When children play in the sand, it helps them get stronger and also, their immunity is enhanced.
Greater strength.

This all means a stronger body, less joint pain, better posture, more mobility, greater health, and greater freedom so take of those shoes and feel your trampoline under your feet!