Fun on your trampoline: Ways to use your trampoline year round!

August 30, 2021

During winter it can be tempting to retreat inside with the kids, kick back with a hot chocolate and watch movies! We think the fun doesn't have to stop in Winter! You can still have so much fun with your trampoline whatever the weather, all year round!

In Summer, keep the kids cool with water games and homemade healthy iceblocks! The trick to outdoor play during winter is to layer up and keep bouncing to stay warm!

Here's 5 ideas to help keep the kids entertained all year round! 

1. Have breakfast under your Jumpflex® trampoline.

Take a break from your everyday routine and get the kids outside having breakfast under the trampoline! It's a great way to get fresh air and have fun trying something different.

Breakfast under the Jumpflex trampoline

2. Dress up in your favourite costume or onesie.

Here at Jumpflex® we're all about having fun and looking silly! Kids love dressing up so encourage them to put on their favourite outfit and go and play on the trampoline. Don't forget your phone to take some awesome pics! This is not limited to kids only, we love seeing adults having a blast too!


3. Build a trampoline fort.

Grab pillows, blankets, fairy lights, board games and snacks and you're sorted! This is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours as they come up all sorts of games with their friends! Check out this next level glamping on a Jumpflex® trampoline. 


Jumpflex Trampoline Fort
Nicole Kolberg 

4. Create trampoline art!

Liquid chalk is a great way for kids to unleash their creativity and have fun on the trampoline! You could even make it educational and help the kids learn spelling or maths. The beauty of liquid chalk is it washes off easily with soap and water.



5. Decorate the trampoline with fairy lights and have a disco!

Grab some fairy lights and attach them to the top of your Jumpflex® trampoline. Your trampoline will transform into a magical wonderland and kids will have a blast at night time dancing to their favourite tunes and enjoying the lights.

So there you go! It's so important to get out and have fun with the kids and play for life! You might also like to check out our summer school holiday boredom buster ideas.

We also have a range of trampoline accessories you can add to your trampoline to help maximise the fun for the whole family. Make sure you share your pics or videos with us on Facebook or Instagram using our hashtags #jumpflextrampolines #jumpflex

Our Jumpflex® trampolines are built to last with an unbeatable warranty on the frame, springs, mat and net. You don't need to put your trampoline away during the winter. To keep your trampoline looking good year round, here's how to clean your trampoline and get your trampoline ready for winter