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How to buy the best trampoline for your family

October 18, 2022

Jumpflex Trampoline


Questions to ask when buying a trampoline

Trampolines are a big purchase, and therefore it is important that you ask the right questions to make sure you get the best trampoline for your family.

To help out your buying process, here is a list of answers to the most common questions that people ask when looking to buy a trampoline. 

1 – What size trampoline will fit in my yard?

Trampolines come in different shapes and sizes, so first and foremost make sure that the trampoline you purchase will fit in your yard. Trampolines come in multiple sizes - common sizes are 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 15ft - these sizes refer to the diameter of the frame. Also keep in mind that if the trampoline has a safety net, it can flex, so allow for additional free space around your entire trampoline to allow for this (ideally 1metre). You should also check out the weight rating of the trampoline you're interested in as larger trampolines can generally hold more weight.


2 – What is my budget?

As you start to research trampolines you will see that prices can vary significantly between different models, even though many of the website images may look the same! 

Often this difference comes down to quality - this is likely to manifest in either low quality steel being used (which can buckle under heavy weights), weaker springs being used (which means the quality of bouncing diminishes quickly over time) or cheaper materials being used for the mat and netting.

A trampoline is a significant investment, so rather than buying a new trampoline every year, consider investing in a good quality trampoline, like a Jumpflex, from day one.  

3 – How safe is the trampoline I am looking at?

Trampolines have improved their safety significantly over the past decade. Most trampolines now come with a 360 degree safety net that helps to protect children from falls. It is important though to check where the net attaches to the trampoline. It is best if it attaches to the edge of the mat, leaving the springs outside of the enclosure. These springs should also be covered by pads to provide further protection. Springless trampolines will have netting at the mat edge, however you should check that there isn’t a hard frame around the edge which can cause injury to young users.

4 – Do I want a trampoline with springs or a springless option?

Many people believe that springs give the best, truest bounce. That’s why olympians jump on spring based trampolines, not springless ones. However, not all spring trampolines are the same. Make sure that you check the quality and length of the springs used. 180mm high-tensile extension springs are generally considered the best on the market - cheaper trampolines can use shorter lower quality 160mm springs, with a soft, weaker bounce. You will notice the difference!

Springless trampolines use flexible rods underneath. They can be more expensive and harder to assemble, which is why high-quality spring-based trampolines are the best sellers. 

5 – How much help will I need to install the trampoline?

It is usually possible to set-up a trampoline frame, net and mat all by yourself, however it is worth checking the requirements for the specific trampoline you are looking at. It is generally accepted that having two people working together is the most efficient for assembly. This way it is a quicker and more seamless process.

6 - How do I choose which brand of trampoline to buy?

Trampolines and play equipment are expensive and there is a lot of choice, however, not all trampolines are built with the same quality and craftsmanship. We recommend taking the time to look at a few review sites - Google, Facebook, and Product Reviews before taking the plunge. Jumpflex has built our reputation on providing high quality trampolines that stand the test of time.

7 - What kind of warranty does the trampoline offer?

Be sure to look at the length of time and what’s covered in the trampoline warranty - many brands have different length warranties for different parts of the trampoline. Also ask if you’ll be able to order replacement parts, such as springs or frame parts, should something not be covered under the warranty.

At Jumpflex, we currently provide a lifetime warranty across the entire trampoline, showing our confidence in the quality of what we build.



Quality trampolines can help you make your backyard into a special place that your children will remember forever. Now it is time to get your kids spending their summers outside, jumping, shooting hoops, having aqua fun, and sliding!